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  • What happens when I make a 15 minute booking appointment for nose art?
    The process is simple and straight forward. First, You set the date and time for us to pick up your jacket. Lo will come to you with the office location you provided, and we will discuss your plans in detail. Artwork will not begin until you approve the size and detail of your art. Do you want the tail numbers? Any additional patches or information? I'll take your jacket with me and get started on the design process!
  • How long does it take to receive my custom jacket?
    The amount of time it takes to receive your custom jacket will depend on the complexity of the design. We will provide you with an estimated timeframe when you place your order.
  • I'm interested in a Paint Party. How do I set that up?
    Paint Parties are a great way to celebrate a birthday or with your group. Contact me via email at or schedule a booking in appointment to set up a day and time that suites you. During our booking phone call, we will discuss your needs and create something spectacular!
  • How much does it cost to paint my jacket?
    Our base price is $350. This includes the nose art on the back of your jacket plus any customization that you desire. In general, most people do add at least one sleeve patch and/or a chest patch at and additional $25 each.
  • Can I make changes to my design after our consult?
    In most cases, yes, we can still make changes or tweak your original design. It's best to reach me as soon as you think you want to change something. Call or texting is the quickest way to reach me.
  • Do you have a studio?
    I offer paint parties and art classes at a location of your choosing. I have my private art area set up in my home and can teach online classes from there. There are many places acceptable for hosting these type of events. Consider a canopy covered backyard for kids birthday parties or your unit or groups auditorium.
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