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Express Yourself!

  • 9Weeks


Not your average art class! This art class if for creative risk takers. Children will enjoy the practical and multi-faceted approach as they learn about art history and practice the techniques employed by several modern artists. Children want to express themselves in a creative way while challenging themselves. This course is NOT copying a tutorial. Come explore different modern artist and complete an assignment emulating their style using a variety of art materials. We'll explore art by Jasper Johns, Create a self-portrait like Modigliani, paint larger than life flowers like Frida Kahlo, make geometric cityscapes in the likeness of Paul Klee. I look forward to meeting your children and seeing them Express themselves and I am excited to see their skills grow as the 9 weeks progress! Children will learn about art history and associate famous modern artists with their specific style/technique. They will be able to recognize art work that is attributed to that style and artist. Each week we will dive into a new Artist and the last half of every class the child will create their own piece of art worthy of framing that uses the key elements of style we learned. Comprehension will be assessed on a cumulative critique and a game-style quiz at the end of the course. Most children are surprised at how much accurate art history information they gain throughout this course.

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